BIFMA Standards Compliance of Your Products

We are a BIFMA Standards Testing lab in India

What Is ANSI?

Full form of ANSI is ‘American National Standards Institute’. ANSI, is an institution dedicated to develop standards. There are more than 1,200 ANSI-approved standards set in place that are designed to protect consumers, the workforce as a whole and the general public. ANSI is also responsible for the first American Standard Safety Code, published in 1921, which detailed the importance of both head protection and eye protection for industrial workers.

What Is BIFMA?

BIFMA, or the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association, is a non-profit organization which was established with the purpose of creating voluntary standards for furniture industry keeping environmental protection in mind. It means, BIFMA releases standards which specifically apply to institutional and business furnishings and also lobbies for legislation that will continue to make office furniture safer for workers and consumers.


To ensure that a particular office furniture meets the combined standards of both ANSI and BIFMA, it is passed through a series of test conditions. These tests decide that furniture is safe to use. We provide BIFMA testing and certification services in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata India.


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BIFMA INDIA provides BIFMA X5.1 testing services in India

ANSI/ BIFMA X5.1 General Purpose Office Chairs – tests – was released in May 2011 and replaces the 2002 standard edition. BIFMA X 5.1 standard specifies 24 tests which covers different features of office chairs. These test are:- Backrest Strength Test, Base Test, Drop Test, Swivel Test, Tilt Mechanism Test, Seating Durability Test, Stability Test, Arm Strength Test – Vertical, Arm Strength Test – Horizontal, Backrest Durability Test, Caster/Chair Base Durability Test, Leg Strength Test – Front and Side Application, Footrest Static Load Test – Vertical, Footrest Durability Test – Vertical – Cyclic, Arm Durability Test – Cyclic, Out Stop Test for Chairs with Manually Adjustable Seat Depth, Tablet Arm Chair Static Load Test, Tablet Arm Chair Load Ease Test – Cyclic.

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